Pregnancy update, 10 weeks 4 days.

This pregnancy is so different for Harpers I can't help but to think I'm having a girl,  of corse those thoughts are pushed away by the other half of me thinking how crazy it is that the sex of a baby could change you pregnancy, sometimes you get lost between the wife's tale and fact.

With Harper I knew I was having a boy, Matt and I agreed we would have the doctor write down the sex at our 20 week ultrasound, we didn't know if we wanted to know but wanted the option for later.

Once we left the building we agreed to open the envelope when we got home. of corse.

We stopped for petrol on the way home, Matt went in to pay and I quickly ripped open the envelope, I was sure it would say boy so was Matt, and it did. I quickly wrote girl on the other side and slid it back into the envelope, mean joke? maybe.

When we got home I opened it and showed Matt it said, girl he looked so shocked, I quickly let him know I had written girl and we were having a boy. We both laughed and called our parents to share the news.

This time we have decided we want to wait, we are both so unfazed by what the sex of the baby is there seems no rush to know. But there is that part of me that thinks, wow if were having a girl I would really love to know so I could go shopping and be prepared, I know as the 20 week ultrasound approaches we may weaken it will be on both our minds, I really hope we can hold out.

The sickness is slowly easing, I'm still on medication but each week is getting easier. I'm hot all the time a heater blowing on me makes me want to hurl! And yes its winter here in Australia. I've turned into an emotional wreck, I would say I cry at least once a day.
I remember I was more emotional with Harper but not like this, I cry if I watch Opera, I cried because there was a little boy in a wheelchair, I almost cried at the pool today watching a proud couple cheering on their baby. Seriously I'm so sappy it's embarrassing!

Have you tried taking a photo of your own belly? It's not easy, but since we were going swimming I thought it was a good time, in the last week I would say my belly has gone done a bit, I'm not as bloated all the time, but my belly is definitely a lot rounder and harder than it was.

10 weeks 4 days



  1. wo you dont even look prego! and your almost 12 weeks ish. lucky! too cute

  2. I don't know if I could actually wait. Just like you, we knew we were having a boy the first time.

  3. You look great, love your swimsuit!! So glad you are starting to feel a little better!

  4. From experience I can tell you two boys are crazy fun (and umm exhausting), but a girl to dress...it's a win win!:)

  5. such a cute swimsuit. i love that these vintage inspired swimsuits are in style. i love them all.