Today I have a 15 month old

This was meant to be posted on the 28th but since I've been computer free, this is my first chance.

My little Harper bear this month you are...

Talking non stop, too many words to list.
Climbing like crazy, I've had to put our kitchen chairs on top the table.
walking heaps, sometimes crawling.
Obsessed with cars and love to go driving in daddy's cadillac.
Dancing like someone possessed.
Loving being outside.
Pulling the plug out of the bath.
Love spending time with dad.
Love playing with our dog Nutella.
Cuddling toys.
You hate...
Being inside all day.
Being put in the highchair.
Grocery shopping.
Nappy changes.
Scream bloody murder when you have to get out of the bath.

Wearing size 0,00.
Happy 15 months beautiful boy, I love you.

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  1. Happy 15 mos. Harper!! :D They grow up so fast! Such beautiful pictures. I wish I had pictures of my son like this.