Overstimulated toddler...

When Harper was a baby he would get over stimulated. A lot. He was just that type of baby I guess, once we worked out what was going on the crying got less, we didn't have the TV on in the evenings, when trying to get him to sleep we kept lights off and talking minimal.

We went out for dinner once for a friends birthday, he was so overwhelmed he cried for two hours when we got home, needless to say we didn't go out much after that.
I had forgotten about this until yesterday...

Harper has been whiny lately nothing seems to satisfy him, I thought he must be getting bored so after his sleep I decided to take him out for the afternoon, nothing special, coffee, supermarket, a few shops then we went to take some photos on the esplanade.

Harper was super excited to see the water and happy to take some photos but when I went to pick him up and walk back to the car he lost it, screaming, arching his back, I couldn't calm him down. Once we arrived back home he was super revved up throwing toys at our dog, hitting me, screaming, once it came to bed time it took me an hour to get him to sleep, normally he goes down without a sound.

My guess, he was over stimulated?

Its crazy how quickly you forget about the challenges you went through when they were younger, I've spoken here about the way each problem is replaced with another relevant to the babies age.

For me having a child is like a roller-coaster ride, in the beginning you feel nervous and excited not knowing what to expect, wondering how scary the ride will be, at times it's terrifying and you feel sick. And then there is the high, it's amazing, not only do you want to stay on the ride but you want to do it again and again.

Friend photo Challenge, over at the papa mama.


  1. First of all, these photos are AMAZING, as always! Second of all, I know exactly what you mean. Our oldest is very prone to overstimulation, even now at 7 years old. So we make adjustments, we are observant, we've learned that there's no sense in fighting it, you just have to go with it and recognize the signs. These children are so precious, they just need us to reign them in sometimes!

  2. These pictures are so sweet. They look like best buddies. I never thought about over stimulation with babies/toddlers. You sounds like a great Mommy though! I can't wait to experience it. I do know my poor mom as a kid had to deal with my sensory OCD. I couldn't have tags in my shirts (this is before tagless existed), when I got my haircut I would have to change clothes after because I would have a meltdown about the prickly hairs in my shirt), etc. I still have quirks today, but my mom was great about it!

  3. Those photos are precious! I so enjoy your blog posts, especially the ones with photos like these :-)