Boys belong outside

Maybe not all boys but Harper does.

He gets bored being inside all day, sick of all the same toys, he wants to explore, he's into everything. 
If I let him go he would leave me without the slightest hesitation, it would be hours before he even realised I wasn't there, even then I'm sure he wouldn't mind he had lost me as long as he could keep exploring. So today I let him go, he had so much fun.

Taking photos of Harper is getting far harder I need to really make a effort to get him to look at me.

 It's so funny when he's outside he gets squinty eyes.


  1. Wow, what beautiful pictures!! And yes, boys DO belong outside! All of this ADHD stuff is really just very much needed outside BOY time! I have 3 boys; I know! They need LOTS and LOTS of running outdoors time!

  2. I can't get enough of those eyes, but I am sure you hear that alot.
    And yes, boys do belong outside. =D