My favorite 5 blogs

I'm linking up with the papa mama and listing my top 5 daily reads at first I was a little worried about this post I didn't want to upset anyone... I read many blogs and love many blogs but these are the ones that pull me in the most... you will always find great photos and beautiful writing on all of them.

Bringing up Bumble This was one of the first blogs I started following, Meghann has an amazing way with words she always draws you in, Her struggle to conceive carter pulled at my heart strings as you realize how long she has been waiting for him. Her posts are always interesting, well written and you can tell a lot of thought goes in to them. Her little boy Cater is a dream and loved by many. Also beautiful photos and indeed a beautiful mother.

A little king and I I love reading this blog, I love she posts most days and feel like I know her, her blog is mainly about her day to day life but never boring, Shawntae is honest with how she is feeling and how hard motherhood can be. She is an amazing mother and Kingston will keep you coming back for more and more.  

It's a wonderful life Sweet little Henry... I love Allie I find her blog really creative, she's funny and I love reading about her. Once she wrote a really raw post about how she was struggling, as we all do! I thought it was really brave to give us such an insight into her life and to be so honest and open. 
It's A Wonderful Life

Mumsyhood Nadine The only little girl in my top 5. Mummyshood is another every day blog I enjoy reading. Kitten is so sweet we have spoken through email and she is amazing, always leaving nice comments and encouragement. Baby-couture is another thing Kitten does the photos are gorgeous and well worth the look, an all round great blog.    
Samantha's Day
Enjoying the small things This lady I find truly amazing, She is fierce! After having a little girl with down syndrome she speaks of how her life has changed. Reading her birth story is very emotional. She is an amazing writer and a wonderful person. I'm new to her blog but have been blow away by her.


  1. We love many of the same blogs!! Off to check out the one I DON'T (yet) read! :o)

  2. Im the same way...Im going to get check out the ones Im not already following.

  3. ahh you're awesome!! thank you so much kristy, this post really means a lot to me! I just found Enjoying the Small Things & I love that one too :) i'm going to check out your other favs
    xoxo Meghann

  4. Ahh thanks so much! That means the world to me. I wish you lived closer because then we could have play!

    Thanks again.


  5. I like some of the same ones also..I will check out the others i am not following.

  6. Oh WOW. Really? I am shocked and at the same time flattered that you picked us as one of your Top 5 alongside four SUPER BLOGS that I look up to! This really means a lot to me. Thank you so much! xoxo

  7. you are the sweetest EVER! this totally made my crappy day so much better.