HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY!!!! Dear Harper...

Dear Harper,
Happy Birthday. Today is your first birthday, It's important to us you have an amazing day so daddy has taken the day off work and we are going to the zoo, when you woke up this morning we lit a sparkler and sang happy birthday, I burnt a hole in the bed. We are having a party for you this Sunday and have invited all the babies you know. I have been spending a lot of time trying to get your first year video finished, looking at all the photos of you brings back so many memory's, this year feels like a lifetime and just yesterday all at once. I'm a little sad but mostly giddy with excitement that you first birthday has come. You make me a better person, I can't wait to spend many more years with, Harper I love you

Today I have a one year old lately I've been amazed at what you can understand and how much you are giving back, If I ask you where the clock is you point to it, If I  ask if your hungry you open and shut your mouth as if eating, you do heaps of things like that and I'm gobsmacked that I have a little person that is started to really communicate.
You have started copying everything I say and even try to sing what I'm singing.
You do this horrible blood curdling scream when you are over tired or frustrated its pretty hard to take and I just try to pretend I cant hear but it pretty much drives me insane.
You love to explore and climb through things.
You are drinking three to four bottle's of soy formula a day.  
Lately you seem to be getting more and more attached to me you love to hang out around my legs.
Most nights you wake up once, usually because you are in some crazy position in the cot I just tuck you back in and find your dummy and you go back to sleep.
You have mastered walking around things but are scared to take a step by yourself.
You still dance like crazy and I would say its still you favorite thing to do.

I spent last night curled on the couch, I watched video footage of the last year. I won't lie I've shed some tears as this milestone has approached but after watching the videos I realized as they get older there is so much more to enjoy, don't get me wrong I loved having a newborn, but now I love that Harper can communicate with me. I see his personality. I think I was more upset by how fast the year has gone but now I realize there will be many more amazing moments no birthday will change that.


  1. Oh my gosh!! Happy Happy Birthday Harper. I have tears in my eyes!! What beautiful pictures.

    Have soo much fun today!


  2. Beautiful words and pictures. Happy 1st Birthday Harper, have an AMAZING day and make lots of special memories. x

  3. Yay! Happy Birthday Mr. Harper! Those are adorable pictures :)

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  5. happy birthday beautiful boy! isn't the big one year a strange one? you're so happy and your heart is about exploding with love but at the same time you're sad. how did my baby grow up so fast, right before my eyes? i've spent some good time crying over henry's old pictures. so much good this year has brought us both!