Things you should know about me if we're gonna be BFF

Ashley at Little Miss Mama  started a list about herself and invited everyone else to do the same, So as boring as it may be I thought I would share....…

* I still have Harper's cot in our room and don't plan on moving it anytime soon.

* I would do anything for my family.

* Harper is my world.

* I feed my dog Nutella food off my plate, She sleeps in my bed and sometimes drinks tea from my cup. You might think I'm weird or gross but before I had Harper she was my baby.

* I didn't really like being pregnant but When I see pregnant ladies or new born babies I get jealous.

* I don't let people walk over me.

* I love Michael Jackson, When he died I was pretty much devastated

* I'm a water baby, Showers, Baths,  The pool, The beach. Thats how I roll.

* It took me along time to get over my labor both mentally and physically .... I have huge fears of doing it again.

* When I was in high-school I shaved my arms because a boy teased me.

* I eat way to much takeaway, Like I seriously live on hot chips.

* I love taking photos.

* I'm scared to drive in the city and have a terrible sense of direction.

* Flies make me sick so much so I struggle to eat coco pops if there is a fly in the house. I even hate to kill them because they gross me out so much.

* I once auditioned for big brother.

When I go to a friends house without Harper I end up look after their baby because I miss Harper, I like to be holding a baby.


  1. Ha I do the same thing, always holding other babies when mine isn't around. :) Love your list! xo

  2. love your list! I eat waaaay to much takeaway too.

  3. I love that you auditioned for Big Brother! That is pure awesomeness (is awesomeness a word?)