Grandma's magic fingers

Matt's mum is the most amazing knitter I have ever seen, I mean this lady is a perfectionist on more than one occasion I watched in horror have seen her undo half a blanked, A top, A hat. I would look over jaw dropped and ask what was wrong with that? The answer usually the same, I didn't like it or it wasn't right.

Lorna has knitted so many things for Harper only to find out he was unable to wear wool because of his eczema the most devastating for me was the christening outfit, I know she spent so much time on it and it is amazing. I keep them the clothes she has made tucked away in a special place in hope that one day we will have another baby that will be able to wear them.

Now Lorna knits for me in cotton and I am eagerly awaiting some Michael Jackson hair she has made me for a video I am working on, She also made a rock with you outfit for Harper and if you are getting the impression I am some crazy MJ fan you are very right.


  1. So darling. Love that first shot!

  2. Hi mama! I've heard you can use a dryer but it might blow too hard and blow the glitter off. Some people get creative and use a toaster oven :) The embossing gun I bought was only $24 so worth it if you can :)

  3. Oh my god, your little man is SO CUTE. Seriously the cutest baby!! I also love his name :)

    I'm your newest follower by the way.

  4. Harper is handsome! Thanks for your kinds word on my blog.