As mothers do we let ourselves go?

Last week I went to do a friends hair, I wore no makeup, This is not like me I always wear makeup, Not a lot but I make an effort if I am leaving the house, Now I just don't have the energy and are finding going natural is becoming more of a standard,  I thought to myself this is good this means I more comfortable with me, I would rarely go places with out makeup in the past.
The more I thought about it the more clear it became that me not wearing make up had nothing to do with being more in touch with myself or more confident, It had a lot more to do with laziness, A lot more to do with not caring.

I find most mornings if we are not going anywhere I don't do my hair or wear makeup, Hell if I didn't think Matt would Freak out I might even stay in my PJ's all day.
I begin to think....… maybe I'm turning in to the stereotype wife, The type of wife that goes from glamour to slouch
Am I letting myself go?
I'm tired of being tired, H is only up once a night and sometimes sleeps through, So are I still so exhausted, when does the tiredness end? Maybe it doesn't.
Do we give so much to our children there is nothing left for us? I wonder what happens after a second child or a third.
I wonder what you cut out after the makeup and hair?

I find myself getting a little panicky at the thought of letting myself go and make a pack to make more effort at least for today.


  1. I think you are beautiful with or without makeup but I totally understand what you mean. I feel the same way. I would never be caught dead going out in sweats and now, I don't care. I am also scared that I may have been letting myself go. A friend told me that as a first time mom, it will take at least 2 years from having your child for you to feel like yourself again.

    Two years.

    I hope it comes sooner for us.

  2. You are a natural beauty...so, no makeup and in your pj's...I'm sure you still look great! But I totally know what you mean...When does the tiredness end...we are giving everything we have to baby, work , house, hubby, there seems to be nothing left. I'm struggling with that myself. It will all be worth it in the end to raise amazing children!

  3. I usually do my hair and makeup when going out. Otherwise I feel a little sloppy. I don't know the tiredness, since my baby somehow is an amazing sleeper and has been since the 4th week on. I think it's worth it though, I know some people look at me and think I'm craz for having a baby younger but she's like my little sidekick and I love her so much! cheers!

  4. btw - I feel similar to you in feelings. Very wifey with chores and pjs at home. i guess that's why I like doing my photoshoots once a while, gives me a trendy thing to do lol (i've been staring at this screen for 4 hours and spaced on what i was writing above)
    cheers again, krizznel. your little dude is so cute by the way!

  5. When my son was about 18 months I felt like I was getting myself back then I got pregnant. This time it took about a year. I'm back to cute clothes and make-up but not every day. It takes time and effort!

  6. Oh I hear ya!! Oh my gosh, I never do my hair or makeup... ugh. I even go out of the house like this on a daily basis (big gasp!). I told myself I'd make more of an effort but I just haven't yet. PS, you look great!

  7. I now know where Harper gets those big beautiful eyes... His momma!

    And I hear you, Logan and I stay in our jammies whenever we are home. I'm sure the tiredness goes away, I just want to know when.

  8. i haven't hit the no-makeup-going-out stage, but I'm close. i do stay in my pj's for days at a time if i'm not going anywhere. it's just too hard to get dressed & do makeup with a baby wanting 150 percent of your attention.