Day sleep problems......

Lately I'm really struggling to get Harp's to have his day sleeps, He has started to stand, Sit and bang his head in the cot and just won't sleep, He won't even sleep in the pram or car this boy can really fight sleep. I'm tired, It's exhausting not getting anytime to yourself all day. I hope this stage passes soon I'm really unsure of what to do, It wouldn't bother me if he could handle going without day sleeps but he is a sad mess all day long and it's starting to effect his night sleeps too. Anyone else dealing with this? 


  1. My son was like that! If you want, email me his schedule and I'll try to give some advice! Not sure I will have any but you never know. Xo ashleyplus3 at yahoo

  2. Uh Kingston went through that. It used to annoy me. He would bang his head against his crib. I would get soo upset because It sounded awful. He outgrew it though.

    What really helped is that we got him a sound machine that plays different noises and helps them go into that REM sleep. Like ocean,heartbeat,summer night,rain etc. It helps a ton!!! Seriously.

    I also don't play with kingston and rile him up before its time for a nap. I will calmly take him into his nursery lay him in his crib give him his blanket and binky (he sleeps with both) Say Night Night in a monatone voice and walk out.

    Hope all of this helps! I know its stressful when you just want them to sleep. Sheesh if someone begged me to sleep i would listen. haha

  3. Sorry to hear, my little one is starting to fight nap times too. She just wants to play all day even if she looks so tired.

  4. How old is he? Has he learned something new lately? I am pretty sure Dustyn went through that. I would maybe trying and be consistent with the time you put him down. He definitely needs his naps. I do remember the day time sleep did affect his night time sleep. He is so cute. Thanks for stopping by and following. Can't wait to read more about your little guy.

  5. oh no!!! sooo sorry to hear this! i have heard other moms go through the same thing at this age...some of them are transitioning to only 1 nap a day, so they are fighting their other naps. i know it's so hard as a mommy to hear them cry/see them tired. just do what you think is best for harper...you know him better than anyone. i wish for you a day of good naps : )