Christmas is fast approaching

We're back.......... 

 I've been busy lately, I'm always busy! Even when we stay home and don't even have plans I seem to be busy. Harper has been growing teeth one after another and not sleeping as well as normal, I don't know if it's the teeth but teething gets blamed for most things so I'm going with that.

For the first time ever (since Matt and I left home) We are hosting Christmas, For the first time ever we brought our own tree.
 Our own tree to celebrate Christmas with our own family.
I am a mummy, Matt a Daddy
We are parents *pinch* 

We spent the last week putting up the tree and eating paper wrapping presents.

Even though Harper will only be 11 months old this Christmas it's still his first Christmas and I am so excited, 


  1. I love that pic of the 2 of you! A first Christmas is so exciting.

  2. Precious photos, especially the first one. Harper has the most beautiful eyes. :)

  3. lovely tree pics! A first Christmas is so exciting!!! I can't wait 'til we're settled in our new place so I can throw a few decorations up!

  4. so sweet! i feel the same way.. pinch me i must be dreaming to be so lucky!
    beautiful pictures as always ;o)

  5. I have been busy too!! We are on our way to getting our first tree and having our first Christmas as a family!! It is very exciting and I hope it all turns out well for you guys!! Love the pics!!