I now have a ten month old

Two days late........
Your current goal in life is to pull up on anything you can find and because of this there is never a time you have less than one bruise.
Your days are filled with frustration, A consent battle with what you want to do and what you are capable of.
Cuddles are two and far between, You hate to be confined.
You often yell call out to our dog Nutella when she barks.
This month you learnt to get to a seated position from lying, You sometimes crawl with your knees but most of the time its still commando.
You love to walk with someone holding your hands.
Every time an ad on TV with music starts you are mesmerized and dance.
Wait for it.....
You now drink straight formula out of a bottle
Your sleep still alternates between one night feed and sleeping through.
Mainly you are happy to go to most people if a stranger talks to us at the shops you hold out your arms but sometimes if you see a tall man you freak out for awhile and then are there best friend.
Last weekend you went to a pool for the first time and after some fear at the beginning you loved it.
You are super handsome.
Happy ten months Harps xxx
Love you Mummy


  1. SOOOOOOO cute!!! Happy Happy 10 Months Harper! I've been meaning to use this program with my little one too...maybe this weekend! She loves the computer so it shouldn't be a problem!

  2. Just voted for you. Hope you do well!

  3. i love the name harper, it was one of our top choices :] what a sweet boy you have. Enjoy it while it lasts! my 15 month old is RUNNING away from me now

  4. So sweet. Isnt it amazing how quickly it goes? My little guy turns 10 months old tomorrow. It feels like no time at all has gone by since I had him. Its an amazing thing.

    Congrats on your 10 month bday Mr. Harper.
    I'm excited to start following ya.

  5. Just found your blog... same age as my little guy...happy to see their doing the same things :)