Happy 8 month

Happy 8 month my beautiful boy.
 Before last month I was able to leave you to play on the floor, I walked in and out and you never made a noise. People were always commenting on how quite you were  I'd here mothers at play group comparing stranger danger stories and wonder if that would happen to us  This month it begun, Wile you are still happy to be held by anyone I can no longer walk out of the room with out some tears and screams which are getting louder by the day. You demand attention now and want to be involved with everything. You stared to wave last week which I find super cute, You wave at the people on the TV, Our dog Nutella, Yourself in the mirror, You love to wave, You look so proud as you watch your fingers move. You don't sleep through with only one feed anymore, It's more like three, But that's ok we are working on that. You are still not crawling but I don't think it will be long now, You pull yourself around and I've had to be more careful. You stared to say Harper and are working on hello, Your still saying Mum, Mama all the time but no Dad yet. Whenever we go out people stop to admire you. Your favorite thing is to play with Dad, You love to be thrown around and you light up when you see him coming. You still love Bath time and splash me, Then you laugh, I love to hear you laugh. I love you so much. Mummy xoxo     


  1. ADORABLE! Don't worry about the crying/screaming when you leave the room, he will grow out of that and speaking of growing, that's prolly why he is waking up more! Not a professional Mom, just my experiences! HAPPY 8 MONTH BIRTHDAY!!!

  2. Happy 8th month! It's such a lovely post. My mom said I never got to crawl, actually she didn't let me do it. Her theory was that crawling discourages walking, so don't worry if he is not crawling yet, he may just surprise you and start walking right away :)