FPIES allergy

 I write this post as you are just falling to sleep after an hour long battle. Today you had skin prick testing and are over tired and fed up. I feel for you so much with all you are going through at the moment, Today we found out you have a new allergy called FPIES its to rolled oats and makes you very sick its happened three times in the last month! You go very pale floppy and vomit for hours. Now we have worked out what caused it I hope it will not happen again. They retested you for milk, eggs and potato you are still allergic to all three. I find it hard to get you to eat because you are scared, scared to eat scared to get sick again. Each day we are going to keep trying safe foods and soon you will enjoy eating again.

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  1. Wow, how awful! We haven't started Parker on solids yet, & allergies haven't even crossed my mind. Argh. Isn't being a mom the most difficult & yet rewarding thing ever? it's crazy. I hope this all gets figured out for you SOON!