Night 1

So he went to bed at 7-pm , Woke twice before the dream feed at 10.30-pm, Then woke at 12.30 and every 1 1/2 after that by 4.30-am I had enough, Knowing he had been feed and had all his needs meet I let him cry :( I have never let Harper cry for anything. It took 45 minuets of horrible crying that made me so sad and guilty (but it was not the emotion cry) after which he went to sleep until 7-am when I woke him. I am thinking if I do this once a day for the four days when I take the dummy away it might be a little easier I hope.
There is nothing worse than the sound of a babies cry I shutter when I think of it last night, But I need to do this so Harper and I can get the sleep we need and so I am going to try stay Strong and stick this out for a week.

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