First Blog 31st July 2010

A big hello to everyone, This is my first blog.......
Just going to write about what Harper and I are doing, which at the moment seems to be not much as he is not sleeping therefor always tired and grumpy as am I.
Tomorrow I plan on going to borders to buy the save our sleep diary to try and work out what is going on. I can't believe the way you forget what happened yesterday, Doctors are always asking how often are you feeding and I always have the same answer, "At least 6 or 7 times not sure I know Its over the 5 recommend for a 24 hour period" The fact is I have no idea as the days and nights seem to roll into one. Harper is a skinny mini but the doctors say not to worry and just to keep an eye on his weight. It's hard not to worry when they want you to have him weighed every 2nd week and I have a baby that does not seem to like feeding, Not the way most babies do. Harper has eczema and they seem to think that's why he does not gain well, Not to worry I'm sure all will fall into place.
Had my first night out last weekend and by night out I mean dinner my brother, He was over from Perth for Harper baptism, It was so good to see him, Sometimes you don't realize how much you miss someone until you see them again. Tea was great went to Lygon Street followed by coffee and Cake while dad held the fort at home with Harper.
Anyway hope I did this all right Have no idea what I'm doing
Any Question feel free to ask xoxo

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