About us.


I'm Kristy, the voice behind The boy named after a car.

I'm a 29 year old Melbourne based, Aussie mama of two, three if you include my four legged friend Nutella, better know around here as dirt dog.

I'm addicted to reality TV, namely big brother, and diet coke but that's nothing compared to the two minute noodle sandwiches I survived my early 20's on.

I'm wife to Matt, my high school sweetheart, only the truth is we were high school dropouts, buts that's another story. We named our first born Harper de Ville, as in Cadillac coupe de Ville, after a car. Seven months later The boy named after a car blog was born.

Becoming a mother is hands down my greatest achievement, nothing and I mean nothing else has come close in comparison.

This is Harper de Ville, he's the boy everyone thinks is a girl. My first born, The boy with the big eyes and bigger heart. The one who made me a mum.

Harper's a climber, overactive, curious, sensitive, gentle, a great dancer, a better singer. The boy that changed my life.

Harper's mutable allergies, is the reason behind our vegan baking/cooking.

And Charlie Mae, our latest addition.

She's a screamer, in a good way. Happy but fragile, smiley but wary. Perfect in every way. A hands on girl who knows what she wants and wont settle for less. A girl that challenges me, she showed me the joy that comes with holding and wearing your baby.

She taught me not to worry what the book says. Our baby bird. My little girl, Charlie barley.

Thanks for stopping bye.

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