5 years old

Dear Harper,

Happy birthday. Somehow we're here, you're 5 years old. 

Something about five feels big. Maybe it's the idea that schools around the corner or maybe its because I've felt a shift over the last few months, it's subtle but I feel the pull. It's started, and I wish I could hold tight and stop it, I wish I could keep you tightly tucked under my wing. I'd keep you safe forever. I'd shelter you from the cruelty you'll find in this world and keep you my happy little boy.

But nothing I can do will keep you little and though this world is cruel it's also beautiful, and even little boys aren't always happy. And this beautiful thing we call life has it's ups and downs and you'll get hurt, your heart will be broken, and I won't always be able to fix your problems. But I promise to always try. I want big things for you, but mostly I just want you to be happy and kind, don't ever lose your big heart.

Love you,

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