8 week old Olive

Olive is 8 weeks old and growing in front of my eyes. She's easy going and perfect. She doesn't cry much and happily sleeps with the noise of Charlie and Harper fighting playing.

I feel really relaxed with Ollie, I think that comes from experience and being realistic in what I expect from a newborn. I go to bed expecting to be woken up by a hungry baby every two hours so when it happens I don't feel disappointed she didn't sleep longer. I've been sleeping her in the pram during the day because it's easy, she seems to settle better in the pram and I'm able to move her around the house as I move. It's also really important to get her use to sleeping in a pram before Kinder starts, soon we'll be out everyday and Ollie needs to learn how to sleep on the run.

Harper and Charlie have taken to Olive better than I could have imagined. They love her and are so caring and gentle. Honesty I'm shocked I always imagined Charlie being super jealous, but she keeps surprising me with her awesomeness and just wants to help.

Olive is smiling and cooing and getting perfect rolly poly legs and arms. She has super head control and loves baths. She is a total spunk and I love her like crazy.

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