This post has been sitting in my drafts since New Year's Eve, over the Christmas period my dog developed lens luxation, which lead to glaucoma. She's having her eye removed tomorrow. I just haven't felt like blogging, I've been spending my nights cuddling with Nutella trying to help her feel better in anyway. She's on heavy pain killers but still in a lot of pain. I'll be glad tomorrow after this is over and she can start to get back to the crazy dog she is, only with one eye.

Lets rewind and take a look at last year.

January, New Year's Eve marked the start of a new battle, Harper spent the first two nights of the year in hospital after his first of many asthma attacks. I wrote about parenting your way and trusting your instincts. Harper turned 3, we celebrated with a vintage inspired party. We did 20 questions at 3 years old, and I wrote about spreading your love between two children.
February, Harper had a hospital cows milk challenge and failed, I wrote about the disappointment I struggled to contain. Charlie turned one and we partied Tiffany style.
March, we went to Hamilton Island, and Charlie had her first haircut.
April, Harper had a hospital food challenge to rolled oats and passed, we started cooking Anzac biscuits and were grateful for a win. We went to Luna Park, and Charlie started walking.
May, I posted about the week everything went wrong. We had some cute Harper Style, a fun 15 month update for Charlie, and a funny talking to Harper post.
June, a quiet month.

July, I wrote about letting go, a life with allergies. I shared an allergy safe recipe for scalloped potatoes. Harper passed his Peanut hospital challenge the same week Charlie had a reaction to them.
August, some super cute Charlie Style, I asked Harper 20 questions at 3.5 years old, and Charlie turned 18 months old.

September, I finally got around to sharing photos from Hamilton Island, Charlie started sleeping through the night, and we celebrated Fathers day.
October, I put together a video of how to recognise asthma symptoms, we had a perfect Tuesday at the Zoo, and went to see my family in Perth.
November, we went to the show. I wrote a post about making the hard decisions as I struggled to make the decision to repeat Harper in 3YO kinder, I shared some super cute Harper style and went to a Mexican party
December, We enjoyed the first day of summer. I wrote about the pain of watching your child be left out after attending a kinder Christmas party, he recovered well, I didn't. I was a mess for the rest of the week, but recovered by having a wonderful Christmas which was completely Harper friendly.

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