A country Show

A small peek into our action packed weekend so far. 
Growing up in a small town the show became a highlight of the year. Years later it's as great as ever. 
 Dancing on fences. Of course.
Who doesn't love a grandma that does slides
the only thing to top that is two grandmas going down the slide, and loving every moment, who doesn't want to be a kid again?
Harper's Grandpa, better know around here as Pa. This wonderful man spent hours working with Harper in the yard, today Harper drove a ride on mower for the first time, a memory that's sure to stick.
 This girl
The gentle giant, know as Nelson
I've got a tun of photos left to edit, and tomorrow we're going to a party. Catered to Harper's allergies, because I'm lucky. I have some amazing family members who just get it, to be able to watch my boy go to a party and see his face when he isn't left out, it means the world, thank you, I love you all so much for helping us through this journey. Tomorrow, Bring it on.  

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