19 month old.

This month I weaned you. For me the time was right, for you the time was never right. But we got through it and it wasn't long before you stopped tugging at my top and started fighting Harper for a bottle. I have mixed feelings about weaning, but I'll save that post for another day when I have time to work my thoughts into words.

There have been no other major changes this month, your speech is limited which is the cause of lots of meltdowns. You've started biting, and hitting. You rip books for reactions. You hate to share and taking turns is a nightmare. All normal toddler behaviour that's quickly forgotten and compared to others.

You have an obsession with planes, you will hear a plane before anyone else, eyes darting around the sky as you scream mane mannne. Watching you at the airport was fun, you loved that.

You still sleep all night with the occasional wake up, but are easily resettled. Even when we went to Perth you slept in the portacot with no worries. It's such a relief to go to bed and know I don't have to get up during the night.

Each month you are more and more into daddy, each night you insist on kissing him at least 5 times before you go to bed. When he gets home you're so excited. You have only just started letting me brush your teeth without tears, the breakthrough was praise from Dada.

You love dancing, and have a crazy sweet tooth.
Love shoes, and playing peekaboo under hats.
Eat random things off the floor, and aren't keen on baths.
You love a good fight, fake cry, and point to your nappy when you want it changed.

You're a perfect toddler, and you're mine. I love you like crazy.

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