Harper right now

Harper de Ville

You're changing all the time, life is fast and waits for no one, I need to get some memories down.

at 42 months

You love music, and dancing. At the moment you're listening to Michael Jackson. A lot. You love him so much, and have a hard time understanding why he cannot come and see you, why you can't go to heaven, and why he had a heart attack. You ask about it a lot, in the same way you ask about everything a lot.
Why is the word of this year, and when I'm about to pull my hair out because I can't deal with another "why?" I take a deep breath and remember this is how you learn. And learning you are, so fast I can hardly keep up, you want to know how things are made and where they come from, I'm thankful for google and wonder what parents did before.

You always coming out with funny things. You love to dress up and are very particular about what you wear, you have only just started wearing jumpers again after seeing your "friend" Mj wears them.

You love kinder and have no problem coping without me, you never have. You're independent and have a strong sense of who you are, be that Harper, Michael Jackson, or Daddy. You enjoy taking on the roles of others and seem eager to please. Your best friends name is Kale. You love cooking, and help me or Grandma Lorna at any chance. You don't like it if I comb your hair in a different way and like to keep the same haircut. You hate getting your sleeves wet when you wash your hands, you wear socks to bed every night. You love reading and can recognise lots of letters and sounds.

I know I mentioned you're independent but lets not forget you're also a first child, most days you refuse to dress or undress yourself, you want to be carried from the bath, you still want soy milk in a bottle and don't even get me started on the dummy. When I can I run with it, you'll give these things up at some point.

Most nights you end up in our bed, I freeze the moment as I wrap my arms around your peaceful sleeping body. I run my fingers along yours knowing these moments are fleeting. And as I smell your hair I know these are the memories I'll come back to.

I love you forever


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