Peanut party.

 It's been so long since I've blogged I'm not sure what to tell you first.

Harper passed his peanut challenge! I guess that's our biggest news, followed by Charlie having a reaction to peanuts 2 days later. We're back to square one, back on the seemingly never ending waiting list for allergy testing for Charlie, but this time I feel prepared and aware.
I don't have that same fear of the unknown because now I know, and I also know, I can cope. I've done it all before and a peanut allergy compared to once, potato, cows milk, egg, oats, peanut, and tree nut allergies is Child's play.

We spent the last week back home in the country at Matt's mums. Matt's sister who lives in China came home for a surprise visit, we had a great week with her.
She's exciting and interesting and although she has no children of her own, children are drawn to her. Harper adores her, he may hardly remember her, and she drives him crazy with her teasing. But He just loves her and I can see how much she loves him.  

I'm currently trying to sort out something to fix Charlie's sleep pattern, she's still breast-feeding at night, more times than I like to keep count.
I can tell she's often overtired, she can be very clingy.
We're looking to have another baby in a few months but with Charlie still needing so much from me the idea of another baby seems crazy. I need time to regroup and rest before I jump in again.

Have you had a baby that just doesn't sleep?
A gentle approach that worked?
I'd love to hear some success stories, I need some inspiration. Maybe I need a miracle.    

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  1. Yay for Harper!! That is exciting news! Our youngest had sleep issues for the first year. Things drastically improved when we finally moved her to her own room. She stopped nursing at night and started sleeping better. We missed her being with us but everyone was more rested:)