17 months old, Charlie

Charlie barley, 17 months old.

I love this age, You're so cute sometimes I can't stand it. You still have hardly any hair but that doesn't mean you're not adorable, I've started loving your short hair.

Your wobbly walk has straightened over the last month, but you still have cute bow legs.

You begun the month talking more but then stopped again. There are words you know, and words you've used mutable times but if I asked you to say something on demand I doubt it would happen. You can make lots of different animal noises. You understand everything and communication isn't a problem.

On Monday we took you out for breakfast, then to a play center,  Aunty Kerryn came. You love the times Harper's at kinder and you're the center of attention for the day.

You love shoes, and have an interest in clothes. You help me undress you.

While You and Harper enjoy each other, lately you've been playing more by yourself, you hate it if Harper sits on my knee and push him off. You're still clingy and just when I think I've weaned you during the day you decide you want to feed again, nonstop.

 You love looking at books more than sitting still while I read them. You flick the pages pointing to the words and repeat A or E because you've seen me do it with Harper. Your favourite animal is a cow and you want to read any book you can find about cows.

A week ago I changed your routine, you instantly begun having a day sleep of 2 to 3 hours. That's the longest you've ever slept. Nights are still hard but I'm going to work on those soon.

Happy 17 months Barley Bird. Love you Mummy xoxo

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