Charlie is 15 months old

Charley please stop climbing on the table and running back and forth on the couch before I

1. Have a heart attack.
2. Go out of my mind.
3. Tie you to something.

I'm so sick of taking you off the table, and telling you to sit down that I want to pull my hair out. You love to climb and in the same way that Harper did, you have no fear. It's days like this I wish we had carpet. I've taken every chair and table out of the lounge room and put a blanket on the floor around the couch.

You have the most crazy tantrums, they are so full on I have to hold you to stop you banging your head on the floor. You can thank me for this later for this, because it sucks.

You're walking almost all the time now and hardly ever fall over.

Since you've been walking your language skills have taken backseat. You can only say a few words but understand most things I say. I find myself surprised at how even without words I can tell what you want or are trying to say.

You love to be outside, if you see the door open throughout the day you beg me with your big blue eyes. Of course once I take you outside you climb up and down the steps non stop. More hair pulling.

Harper and you spend most of the day fighting, but every now and then you slowly approach his face and give him the biggest kiss on the lips, even Harper can't help but to smile.

You are beginning to become picky eater. I've weaned you during the day but you're still breastfeeding during the night, how many times depends on luck, and if anything other than luck I've yet to figure it out. (good night 2 to 3, bad night 3 to 6)

You hate having you teeth brushed and I have to almost pin you down to do it, I think its because you seem to be getting teeth nonstop. Luckily you're almost done.

You love to look though books and often spend ages looking at them, you turn the pages perfectly.

You ride you bike or tiger around all the time which was especially funny when you weren't walking.

Charlie I, we, love you so very much. I look forward to seeing the strength you have now in you personality when you're older. I have no doubt you'll be fierce. ;xoxo

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  1. Our girls are the same age! Bo isn't much of a climber, she sticks to couches and beds which is great. I'd have a heart attack if she climbed on the table!! She's beautiful your little Charlie Mae! xo