An Fpies challenge

Today we packed up and headed to the children's hospital where Harper spent the day doing a food challenge to rolled oats.

On the way their I was so stressed I thought I was going to throw up, Harper's gone into shock 3 times, all have been from Oats. Watching your 6 month old baby turn into an unresponsive, pale rag doll isn't a memory that's easily forgotten. The thought of seeing it again didn't sit well.

After our failed milk challenge a couple of months ago, I'd lost hope, I felt almost close to certain he was going to react. But at times like this, these no room for being frightened, because sometimes you have to be brave. And sometimes being brave pays off, this time it did, in the form of Anzac biscuits being back on the menu.

Again I am reminded that slowly we are winning.

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