12 month update, Charlie.

Charlie. Yesterday was your due date, lets do a quick 12 month update.

Your still crawling, but so close to walking. You've managed to take one step on two different occasions over the last week.

You still enjoy eating from the floor but are starting to take notice when I tell you not to, sometimes you even listen.

In the last three weeks your language has really grown. You can say dog, duck, mum, dad, baby. And have almost got Charlie. You mimic the tunes I sing. You love to dance.

You've started lifting up my top if you want a breastfeed which is um...  I'm looking for the right word here, lets just say interesting.

We are down to about 3 breastfeeds a day, and around 3 to 5 a night. Your sleep is still terrible, but the last two weeks have not been as terrible.
You have two day sleeps, one short the other for about an hour. We still co-sleep and every time you wake up I feed you back to sleep, a habit I'd like to stop soon. I tried to just cuddle you the other night and you pretty much went crazy, crying and screaming for over an hour, I gave up.

You are so strong minded and if you don't get what you want you have no trouble letting me know your not happy.

We have taken you to a play centre twice over the last couple of weeks, you love it and seem to learn so much while you're there, the other day you learnt to climb and have been practicing on the bean bag at home since. Harper being at kinder two days a week has given us some one on one time, which is nice, we go on coffee dates and play at the park, you love going on the swings and laugh so hard.

We changed your carseat to forward facing after we brought a new car about a month ago, you were so happy and proud. Harper was the same when we changed him, it's really so sweet to watch you discover the world. Sometime you and Harper reach your hands into the middle of the car so you can hold hands, you love you brother.

Happy 12 months. xoxo

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