Charlie turns 11 months old

I'm a couple of days late in posting this, mostly because I'm incredibly busy making birthday decorations. Who's idea was it to have my children's birthday's two weeks apart?

Charlie Barley.

This month you started cruising, you can stand by yourself for a few moments but mostly you spend your time holding onto something — mostly my leg.

You follow me everywhere, every time I move from room to room even if I'm insight you cry. You whinge when you want my attention or to get Harper in trouble. You would be happy if I held you all day.

You can say dog, you look at Nutella and say dog, but that's it, dog and dad, still no mum.

I have never seen a baby that moves the way you do, trying to dress you or change your nappy is almost impossible.

You test the baby gates and watch and wait for one to be left open, then you crawl full speed to escape.

You love to eat, and you still haven't turned down a single food.
We're still doing BLW but now I sometimes feed you foods like yogurt with a spoon, you don't like that much and prefer to take it off me and guide the spoon straight to your mouth.

You like to dance — mainly to bobby dance music.

You love to splash in the bath and get up to mischief with Harper in anyway you can.

Sleep is still not great. We're still breast feeding and I feed you about three times a night. You wake up anytime between 5 and 5.45, then have two catnaps for the day.

Happy 11 months Birdy, I ❤ you. 

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