An asthma attack, and our christmas.

We spent New Years Eve with Harper in hospital. Me at home with Charlie, Matt in hospital beside his bed. Two days before Harper had an asthma attack. He is home now and getting better each day, but we've had an incredibly stressful few days. I'm still very tired so this is a quick catch up.

We woke up Christmas morning to find reindeer footprints, this year we had a quiet lunch as a family of four. I cooked and Matt watched the babies, they had a great time playing with their new toys and enjoying their dad.

We spent boxing day at Grandma Lorna's where Harper enjoyed his first ginger bread house.

Then it was back Melbourne to catch up with more family.

We've had a super busy couple of weeks with many highs along with a few lows. I'm looking forward to settling back into our regular routine, and enjoying Harper for the next month before he starts kinder.


  1. How is Harper now? Sorry to hear this. Hope he gets better. My prayer and wishes are with him.

  2. feel better baby! i love that tiger scoot!

  3. I'm so glad Harper is doing better! Poor thing...
    And I can't believe Charlie is getting so big!! I'm glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas!
    ♥ Kyna

  4. I am suffering from asthma attack since 4 years I consult my family doctor he suggest me to take Combivent Inhaler Generic and i stating using that inhaler and now i m felling better. I would like to recommend this medicine to all patients suffering from asthma attack.

  5. That's sad to hear, spending New Year's Eve at the hospital, and not with the rest of the family. How's Harper now? It's really hard when your kid's health is at risk. Be guided accordingly to prevent what triggers his asthma attacks. Also, make sure he gets to visit his doctor, even on ordinary days, just to make sure that everything else is okay.

    -Penelope Bonnet @ USHealthWorks.com/Seattle-Denny-Center