A day in the life of a SAHM.

Harper is 32 months old, Charlie is 7.2 months.

4am: I wake up to Harper screaming and crying, I go in to find him in a panic after having a nightmare, apparently snuffy was going to eat him up. I bring him to our bed, and Charlie wakes up. I spend the next half an hour trying to fed Charlie back to sleep, while keeping Harper quite.

5am: Matt's alarm goes off, and he gets up for work. Harper's still awake but Charlie is asleep.

6am: Finally Harper goes back to sleep, so do I until 45 minuets later when Charlie wakes up, I fed her and we get up, leaving sleeping Harper in our bed.
I make Charlie and myself some breakfast we eat in the lounge room.
7.30am: There is a storm starting and I hear Loud thunder, which sends my loopy dog crazy, she barks and wakes up Harper. I go in to get him, and we watch the storm out the window.
Charlie finishes her breakfast.
8am: I wash Charlie down, change her nappy and dress her. Then I dress Harper and take him to the toilet, I get rid of his night nappy, and make him a bottle. Charlie spends the next half an hour commando crawling all over the lounge room, stopping only to eat the coffee table (I am forever pulling her away from it, she has put her little teeth makes on there, and now I will have to keep the table forever)

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8.30am: Charlie starts to get fussy she's getting tired, I put her in the swing to have some wind down time before I take her to bed, after about 10 minutes in the swing I take her out and we head for the bedroom, I put her into a grow-bag and place her into the cot, I give her a dummy and turn the radio to static noise. Its now started to rain and the whole house is dark, although days like this can be depressing I really enjoy storms and love rain.
Over the next half an hour I get the kitchen cleaned while Harper plays, Charlie talks in the cot, if she gets upset I go in and put the dummy back into her mouth until she falls to sleep.

9.10am: Charlies asleep. I use this time to have a shower, Harper plays in the bathroom while I wash my hair, he watches me shave my legs, (lets be honest this kind of thing doesn't happen very often, and he's quite entertained).

9.30am I get out of the shower to find Charlie awake, she never sleeps for long. I get her up and feed her. She isn't interested in feeding, I'm not sure if she's getting more teeth or distracted, but rest assured she always makes up for it at night.
I take Harper to the toilet, although he's potty trained, he sometimes forgets to tell me when he needs to go, so its up to me to remember.
10am: I make a coffee for myself and realise I've forgotten to give Harper breakfast! Dear god, I consider going back though the post to add it in so I don't get judged but decide that's cheating. Usually Harper eats when Charlie and I do, on a normal day they wake up at the same time at least he's had a bottle, right!?
I promptly make breakfast for Harper. Charlie plays on the floor while Harper eats and I talk to my mum on the phone.

10.15am: Charlie is getting upset, she gets frustrated being so close to crawling. I look ousted to see its still raining. I decide to put Charlie into the swing to, while Harper and I cook a vegan beetroot cake.
11.am: I put the cake into the oven and load the sink with dishes, I reheat the coffee I made an hour ago and sit-down to drink it, while I offer Charlie another breastfeed
11.30am: I take Charlie to bed, Harper and I have a slice of cake. After some talking Charlie falls to sleep. I need to take some photos for a guest post I have coming up, so I use this time to do my hair and makeup, (not an everyday thing) and get dressed ( I shower and get dressed everyday but I'll admit, if I'm staying home I often get dressed into clean PJ's). I set up the tripod and take some shots.
12.15pm: Charlie wakes up. She plays on the floor while I make lunch.
12.45pm: Lunchtime.
1pm: Harper's playing with his trains, he gets frustrated and screams every time he plays with them, after a while he starts crying and having a tantrum because he wants me to pick him up and carry him everywhere I go. I make a cup of tea and let him dunk the tea bag, which ends the tantrum but he's still clingy. He gets tired around now but I can no longer get him to have a day sleep. I grab some books and head to the couch, Charlie is happily playing on the floor. I read to Harper then feed Charlie. Harper starts screaming running around, I put on the TV for some quite time and he has a rest on the couch.
1.30pm: Quite time doesn't last long, and again Harper is on the move, its still wet so taking him outside is not an option. Charlie goes into the carrier for some mummy time, Harper has a tantrum because he wants to be in the carrier, I promise he can have a turn later. Meanwhile I sweep and vacuum, with a 7 month old and toddler this is a daily job.

2.15pm: Charlie is starting to get tired, I put her to bed before she falls asleep in the carrier. Before long Charlie falls asleep, and Harper hops into the carrier. After a while I try to coach him out but he won't budge so I sit on the couch to type this post with him in the carry. The lost sleep from last night is really showing in Harper's behaviour today. Harper starts to fall asleep on my knee, but if I let him sleep now there is no way ill get him down tonight. I feel guilty for not letting him sleep, but if I don't get some time to myself before I go to bed, I may go insane.
3pm: Charlie wakes up, Matt gets home, its stopped raining. Matt takes Harper to play outside. Matt has some friends come over to work on their cars. Harper has a great time outside with them while I get tea ready with Charlie in the carrier.

4pm: Charlie is getting fussy, she does around this time most days, all the cat napping catches up and she is so tired. I run a bath and Matt and I bath the kids. I get Charlie dressed and she goes into the rocker while Matt stays with Harper so he can have a longer bath.
4.30pm: Harper gets out and I dress him. He runs around like crazy, Charlie enjoys watching him from the rocker and laughs as he flies past. It's so sweet, my heart melts.

5pm: The roast is still not ready and Harper is hungry, I decide to make him something else for tea. Charlie sits on my knee and eats the crust of some toast.

5.20pm: I take Charlie to our bed where I lye down next to her and try to BF her to sleep, tonight she is taking awhile to settle so I get Matt to lye down with her. I get up and give Harper a bottle of rice-milk, he goes to the toilet and I brush his teeth.

5.45pm: I read Harper a couple of books in bed, then I sing to him and play with his hair until he falls asleep. (This started about a month ago when he started to become scared of the dark) I cannot leave him until he falls asleep or he will just get up.

6pm: I finish cooking tea, Matt comes out once Charlie is asleep. We eat tea.

6.30pm: Charlie wakes up and I go into the bedroom where I feed her back to sleep, she wakes up 4 more times before 9pm each time I fed her back to sleep, in-between feeds I watch TV, read blogs and edit photos. Matt and I attempt to watch a movie but tonight Charlie won't settle so I head to bed exhausted.
Charlie co-sleeps with us at night, each time she wakes up I feed her back to sleep, most nights she averages 3 to 4 feeds before getting up around 6.30am.

I hope you enjoyed joining us today, this is a semi normal day for us. Sometimes we go out and meet friends, or go to a zoo, but most days we are here... at home, cleaning, baking, playing and fighting. If I spend to much time at home I start to go crazy, (so does Harper), but its nothing a drive or even dare I say it...a grocery shop can't fix.
This age is crazy fun, Charlie is adorable! 7 months is a great age. Although Harper could do with some more sleep, he is fun, loving and such an incredible sensitive big brother. They are both learning and growing so quickly I can't keep up. And one day when I'm old and don't have the sound of little feet on the floor, I'll wish I could complain of being tired because a baby kept me up. Happy Monday people.

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  1. Such a great post, I love reading about other people's days!

  2. you have a very cute family!! Love the coffee cup too ;)

  3. I just found your blog from oh dear drea, such a beautiful family! And I loved hearimg your Aussie words "tea" "nappy". I wonder if you've read the book " Bringing up bebe"? It has An amazing chapter about sleep, I suggest this as it sounds like Charlie has learned the only way to get to the next sleep cycle is by nursing, it will teach you how to get her into the deeper sleep cycles and fall back asleep on her own. It's the only book I read out of the many sleep books that actually made perfect sense!

  4. I just found your blog and spent some time reading some of your past posts. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this one. I have a 6 month little boy and he still wakes up 4-5 times a night and I nurse him back to sleep each time. Before I read your post I felt like I was the only person that had a 6 month that was not sleeping all night. I am so glad I am not alone...and that Ellison is not alone. Thanks for the honesty!!!!!