To a Daddy,

Happy Fathers day Matt,

Thank you for...
Working so hard and sooooo much to make sure we are ok.
For doing the dishes, and folding the washing. For making time to having tickle wars, and frog races. For all the cuddles and parks trips. For putting up with me when I'm tired and grumpy.
But most of all, thank you for loving them as much as I do. You are a super dad.
I love you, long time.

We spent our Father's day at Hanging rock, we arrived to find most of the ground coved in water, Harper and Matt set off to find a BBQ spot while I changed a major shit explosion (the kind that only happen when your out). The boys came back with wet shoes and socks. They had managed to find a partly dry area where we cooked, ate, and packed up all in half an hour. Harper did a wee on a tree and we left.

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