Charlie is 7 months old.

Feeding: Breast feeding, around every 3 to 4 hours, sometimes more sometimes less.

Solids: Baby led weaning, one meal each day, this month I'll be moving to 2.

Activity: rolls, moves around a lot, all over the lounge room backwards commando style. Up on hands and knees rocking. Not sitting yet. Gives high fives with a fist, babbles, screams, blows raspberries has attempted to say hello a few times but no mum or dad yet.

Sleep Naps: catnaps in the cot during the day 20 to 30 minutes, if we are out she happily sleeps in the Ergo. About 3 to 4 sleeps a day.

Sleep Nights: long time readers will know up until now Charlie has slept on my knee until I go to bed. This time around I'm following Charlie's lead, I try to give her what she wants/needs as much as I can. About a week ago I started to have trouble settling her in-between sleep cycles in the lounge, I think she was just getting older and more aware, things started distracting her. I tried lying her in our bed and feeding her to sleep, and it worked. Sometimes it takes me awhile to get her to sleep, but we have managed she wakes up about half an hour after I get her to sleep, I go back into the bedroom and give her a dummy, if that doesn't work I feed her again. She might sleep for an hour before we run though this process again. We are still co-sleeping at night and whenever she wakes up I fed her back to sleep usually around 3 times a night, after I go to bed.

Weight: We just brought a new car seat, Charlie out grew the baby seat, the one Harper was in until 11 months. Last time I weighed Charlie on our bathroom scales she was 8 kilos, a very average healthy weight for her age. It's so different having a baby that is growing and gaining weight the way they should. At this age Harper would still be weaning 000 some 00, Charlie is at a 0, just. I'm shocked at how quickly I have to keep buying clothes. It's so nice not to have to worry if my baby is growing, or be seeing a nurse each week to check weight gain.

Some nights I loved Charlie sleeping on my knee, some nights it drove me insane. I'm enjoying my newly found free time, but it did take some getting use to, I'm still getting use to it really. That little bird slept on my knee each night for almost 7 months! I miss her, but it had to happen. I'm glad I gave her time and it happened when she was ready.
Most of the time Charlie is a really happy easy baby, unless we are talking about sleep then things get harder but, I try not to worry to much, as long as she is happy and sleeps sometimes then we are good.
Its pretty amazing getting to watch the relationship grow between Harper and Charlie, they are so cute they smile and play, and laugh, (ok sometimes there is toy throwing) she gets so excited when he comes up to her, she waves her arms like crazy. Adorable.

Happy 7 months bird, we love you.

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