Baby Led Weaning.

Having a sibling with multiple allergies automatically puts Charlie at higher risk of having allergies. With current findings in reducing the risk of allergies it is now advised to start solids before six months, providing Charlie has ticked all the boxes for being ready. (Apparently since everyone started waiting longer before introducing high risk food, allergies have only got worse.) We have been told to give all "high risk" foods from six months, and to continue breast-feeding while introducing foods, in hope this will aid in the protection of a reaction.

This put us in a predicament as baby-led weaning is not started until six months. I've been watching Charlie from around five months looking for ready signs, at about five and a half months I thought she was ready, Because we really want to do BLW, I went ahead and started twelve days short of the recommend age of six months. I'm going to be sharing each food we give Charlie here, as well as any tips we pick up along the way.

For anyone considering baby led weaning, this book is where I started, as well as the wonderful world on google.

Day one, Banana: When giving babies bananas make sure they are ripe, Yellow with black spots are best. Green or plain yellow can cause constipation, overripe can cure constipation. Ironic right? Anyhow we cut the banana in half (across the middle) I removed the peel, then cut out some groves so she had something to hold on to. Given it was her first attempt, I think it worked pretty well. She managed to pick it up a couple of times. 

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