5 Random things.

I'm learning its better to go out than stay home, the idea of staying home is so much more appealing than the event. Even when I'm so tired my eyes hurt, and I can't deal with having a shower and getting dressed, I do. If I push myself and get out, I feel so much better for it.

Matt working 6 days a week is a standard these days. We make up for it by doing big things on his day off, living in Melbourne makes it easy to find great things. Becoming members at places like Zoo, science works and the museum, makes it affordable.

Since Charlie was about 6 weeks old Matt and I have been going out for tea every 2nd Sunday. (thanks Mum) I look forward to it so much, without distractions we talk more on that date than we do in the 2 weeks in between. Its crazy the things you took for granted before kids.

I'm having some mummy guilt over not having a lot of photos of my bird on here. The truth. If we're out Charlie's always in the carrier. If we're are at home I'm usually so busy feeding, playing, trying to look after 2 babies, I forget to take photos. I'm going to try to get on top of this.

I've received a few comments from new readers, thinking Harper is a girl and Charlie is a boy. Don't feel bad it happens a lot, I blame him for being so beautiful & me for loving his curls. Harper, aka the boy named after a car "Harper de Ville" is our boy. Little Bird Charlie is our girl.

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