I've been trying hard to make some changes at home, Read - less TV, more playing outside and more time spent doing things with Harper. I'm reading a great book at the moment, it has some great ideas. I plan on doing a post on playtime inspiration.

Because this photo of my silly dog is to good not to share.

Harper's really obsessed with Charlie at the moment, he wants to hug her, all. the. time. I walked out of sight for seconds, & came back to find he had stuffed sultanas in her mouth, she looked happy, like she was really enjoying it. Good reminder, never to leave the room.

Charlie's personality is really showing, she is so vocal, she yells at me when I try to get her to sleep in the cot, she lifts her legs up and slams them onto the mattress.

Charlie has been waking up heaps during the night, most days I'm coping well. Co-sleeping makes it so much easier.

Harper's into dolls, he named this one Laura.

And rattles, we're going though a chewing phase.

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  1. Sweet babies.
    I'm sure if we have another, my little girl will stuff all kinds of things in its mouth. She loves to "feed" her dolls.