Charlie is 4 months old.

Charlie, Barley, pudding pie.
This month has been a real turning point for us, everything got easier, the crying stopped.

At four months old baby Charlie...

Likes to be tickled.
Is happy, unless tired.
Loves her brother.

Babbles non stop, loves when you talk to her. Tries to copy sounds you make.
Smiles at Daddy when he gets home.
Started swiping/holding things, kicks things.
Loves the bath, and has one with Harper now.

Is very attached to her mummy.
Had her first cold.
Enjoys watching the dog.
Doesn't mind tummy-time.

Likes to suck her fingers and mittens.
Cat naps during the day, some in the cot, some in the carrier.
Is awake for around an hour and half between naps.
Feeds about 4 times a night.
Feeds after each sleep during the day.

Charlie I cannot believe it has been four months! Time with you is flying by. Happy four months. We love you Baby Bird.

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