Little Charlie is one month old.

ok breathe...

I have a spare few minutes? Seconds? To myself. Breathe. 
I've hardly opened my laptop in the last month. Having two children has been even crazier than I imagined, we have been so busy over the last month. I have good intensions to blog more, when I go to bed I think of all the things I want to share, to remember. But at the moment just keeping up with basic daily tasks is hard, let alone finding time to write.

So little girl your one month old. At four weeks old you...
Love to sleep on my chest. We are co-sleeping something I thought I would never do. Post on this to come.
You love being carried in the Ergo baby carrier, being held, having a bath. You crave closeness.

When you cry and I can't work out whats wrong, I sing twinkle twinkle little star. Its what I sing every night when I put Harper to bed, you would have heard it in utero. You stop crying almost every time.

You cry less than your brother did, most times I find it easy to work out whats wrong. 

You dig the dummy, hate being changed and don't like to be wrapped to tight.

You love your milk. And it's starting to show.

Happy one month baby. We love you. 


  1. Two gorgeous ladies having a snuggle, beautiful pictures hun. I can't believe she is a month old already that's crazy! x x

  2. Aww that's so sweet. She is gorgeous and so are you. I'm sure it's challenging finding time for yourself amidst taking care of two kids (i find it difficult with one! haha).. so great to have a happy babe. xoxo

  3. Wow! It's been a month already?? Congrats on surviving the first month, hon! She's beautiful!
    ♥ Kyna

  4. She looks like a little baby doll, so beautiful!!! And you look amazing!