One week old, how we are coping.

Today our little girl is one week old. I can't believe it, if you think it goes quick the first time wait until you are twice as busy with two children, the days are flying. I just love this newborn stage and I know it lasts for such a short time.

I've had Matt home and my mum staying and if I'm honest with you, I'm not sure I would still be sane if I didn't have their support. Charlie is still sleeping most of the day and I have to wake her up for feeds, she is so sleepy she doesn't feed long, so is feeding often, at night she wants to feed hourly and is hard to settle back to sleep. There is a lot of things that seem easier being we have done it all before, but so much is forgotten, every baby is different and each fear you had with your first creeps back in.

Harper is still really not himself, although I would say he is slightly better. We are trying to get out each day and do things, like take him to the park hoping it will make him see Charlie as a positive. Most days are still filled with tears, tantrums and throwing things. Put two parents that are getting hardly any sleep into the mix, well you get my point. Matt is doing such an amazing job keeping his cool with Harper but there are times I feel its all to much.

I'm still working on getting my birth story written, but it's a hard thing to put into words. I have plenty of photos but I want to wait to post them with the birth.

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  1. She is so breathtaking! And she shares a birthday with my little Tucker! You are so blessed!