Incase you were wondering...

The waiting game.
Those bad cramps lead to nothing. I'll be seeing my Ob Monday and Tuesday, she plans on doing a stretch and sweep both days. If that doesn't bring on labor, I'm booked on Wednesday to be induced.

Our baby bird is posterior, I've been really trying to encourage her to turn. With no luck. I know that if I have my water broken there is little chance she will turn during labor, that's why we are really trying to get my body to go in naturally. Plenty of sex and pineapple, along with the sweeps but somehow I think nothing works unless your baby wants out.

It's pretty crazy to think that whether I go into labor on my own or not in three days we will meet her.

I'll try to get a photo up from the hospital.

I'm getting crazy nervous. Can you tell?


  1. So exciting!! I really hope she turns. Crossing my fingers for you. Good luck mama!!

  2. Spend lots of time on your hands and knees - gravity helps posterior babies turn. Best wishes to you and congrats!