It's funny the way you can have an amazing day followed so closely by a super shitty one.

Harper's birthday was the amazing day.

The night before we filled his room with balloons for him to wake up to.

We opened presents, Then I made us all pancakes. 
After breakfast we left to spend the morning at the zoo.

It was really hot and my ankles were non existent.
In the afternoon we had a very small party with close family and crocodile cake.
After such a busy day Harper was pretty wound up and not going to sleep anytime soon so we decided to head to the beach to cool down.

Like I said amazing day.

The following morning we had Harper's swimming lesson, during the class I noticed Harper started lying his head on Matt's shoulder and shivering, I thought it was weird but put it down to him being tired after his birthday.

When the lesson was over he was just not himself.
On the way home in the car he went as white as a ghost and his eyes were rolling back, it was really hard to keep him awake and I started to panic. The problem with having a child with allergies is its always got to be the first thought. I started running though everything he had eating that morning, was there something in the pool? Had he picked up something off the ground and I didn't notice? But I'm always so careful.

By the time we got to the driveway of our house he was grabbing at his tummy and vomiting, we got inside, he was so pale, some areas on his legs had gone blue.

I phoned the ambulance and told them we had a possible anaphylaxis, I keep rerunning though what he had eaten, there was nothing new and there were no problems with his breathing.
The ambulance staff were so nice, they took us straight to the children's to get checked out, by now we were all pretty sure it wasn't food related but there was definitely something wrong.

Turns out he had a throat infection, with ulcers on the inside of his throat and a really bad temperature. We stayed there for a couple of hours until they got his temperature down, then we could go home.

I felt slightly stupid, for calling an ambulance, but they assured me I had done the right thing. It's really hard to know what you are dealing with and you can never be to sure.

To follow of this incredibly stressful morning (which might I add didn't send me into labor) someone broke into my car that night and stole my GPS and a lifetime of Cd's, I can buy more Cd's, it the memories that came with them.
It could have been worse, at least I didn't have my laptop or camera in the car, but it still sucks to know there is a creep that came here game enough to break into my car in the driveway while we were home.


  1. wow.
    what a crazy couple days. so glad to hear that harper's ok though... because in comparison to all else.. that is what's most important.
    still.. i know how you feel about the whole breaking into the car and stealing memories. When we went back to Italy for Sebastian's baptism -- our car was broken into while we ran into the supermarket for milk. it was raining that day so we just ran in leaving the baby bag in the car. can you believe someone stole a (insert swear word) baby bag?!? the worst part is that my camera was in the bag.. thankfully just a little point and shoot... but it had photos of sebastian's first flight. it bothered me forever and still does. the only way i got over it was to think that person must have been really desperate to steal diapers and wipes.

    sorry for your horrible day... but happy to hear it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

  2. I am really sorry to hear about Harper and your car. I am right there with you....I would have called for an ambulance if I was in the same situation. I'm just happy to know that it wasn't anything too serious for sweet little Harper. I do not understand why people have to break into cars and steal personal items. It really is sad that they feel the need to take from somebody else to fulfill their own void.

    By the way....we want more belly pics! You are adorable.