I've been feeling down lately, I don't know why...

I'm just really unmotivated, but after starting at her blog for a few moments I was inspired again.

So inspired I attempted some of her craft projects.

I planted colour, because the dullness that surrounds me in this house weighs me down.

And basil in pots where the snails can't reach.

Harper had a major meltdown at the supermarket. The kind where people stare...

He did the plank, and you know I was ok with it, it was 33ยบ, he was tired, and wanted to be at home in bed and even though I could feel judgemental eyes burning through my back I held my head high, got that dam chicken I came for and carried him to the register.

When we got home he slept for three hours without a sound.

And I tore up the wizard of OZ. and although it felt wrong it looked so right.

That night excitement began to build as the anticipation of a storm awaited and we decided to go outside and draw.

Harper drove a hot rod.

And rode a motorbike.

And as the sky began to grow dark,

Harper ran around the yard screaming, "It's only a storm" in a half terrified half excited voice.

Then the rain came and we lay in the bath and listened to that storm, it felt good.

Yesterday. It was a good day.


  1. if this is unmotivated, then I must be comatose!! amazing day :)
    please do a tutorial on the tearing up of Oz... looks fantastic! imagine doing CHRISTMAS with the grinch book or something?! could be a cute decoration!
    love the photos. a lot.

  2. Hey! Can you pls post instructions on the arts in this post? The Read sign looks awesome! Thanks :)

  3. Just stumbled across your blog, how absolutely beautiful is your son! I'm not looking forward to mine being tantrum age!x