Today I'm Mum to a 22 month old

At 22 months old you are...

Having conversations and using long sentences.

Listening to me when I tell you not to do something, mostly you will do as I ask.

You love riding your little 3 wheeler bike around the house. Every time I see you from the back, I can't help but to think of the little boy in the movie The shinning, it didn't help when dad got you to say redrum. Don't know what I'm talking about watch The shinning, I love that movie.

You love kissing my tummy and talking to sister we told you her name and sometimes you call her by it which may be a problem, we are not telling our family the name until she is born.

You can climb out of your highchair and stroller.

You love outside, Yo gabba gabba and daddy.

When you first see meet someone you warm to them quickly and within 10 minuets your on their knee.

You ask to lick the spoon each time I cook.

You can sing most letters in the ABC song.

The last couple of months you have really started missing dad when he's at work. Each morning you look for him then say to me "daddy at work"

This month you have had some major tantrums brought on mainly from being tired.

Now that you are in your own room you sleep through most nights from 7pm till 6.30ish, if you wake up it's normally after 5, I bring you to bed with me until you wake up, this really works for us.

You nap each day from 12 till 2 or 3.

Your super cuddly lately.

You look at dad and say "love you daddy love you", in the cutest sweetest voice I have ever heard, you also say love you Tella to our dog and sometimes I even get a love you mummy.

This month you stopped wanting to do number 2's on the potty, I haven't tried in a few weeks, I don't want to push you and want to wait until after we meet baby sister before giving it a good go.

You had your first ever lemonade icy-pole and loved it.

We set up the Christmas tree this weekend you liked that.

Happy 22 months,
Love you bear.
Mum x


  1. He is so precious, I could just squeeze him!! He is growing so fast!!!

  2. Such a gorgeous boy, I love his eyes.