2nd birthday fun! & steppin out Saturday.

Harper and my niece Ceridwen are 3 months apart to the day.

It was Ceridwen's 2nd birthday party on the weekend, and for the first time Harper went to a party which was safe, where he didn't have to stay in a pram and got to eat what everyone else did.

It made me so happy to see him eat anything, he was so excited eating so many different foods and being able to sit with the other children.

Thanks to my amazing sister in-law who made the party egg, milk and nut free. And for giving us a chance to be able to relax.

 Mama, Dress-Target maternity.
Harper, Hat-cotton on baby. T-shirt-eeni meeni mini moh. Shorts-Sooki baby.


  1. oh god! that first photo is so DAMN cute!!!

  2. Just gorgeous pictures !

  3. Oh my goodness! This 2nd birthday bash is just epic. My twins will also turn 2 in next month and I want to host a blasting and memorable party for them. I am trying to find list of most popular party venues for kids. Please share some party spot recommendations!