Whats been happening...

After my appointment with our Ob last week I haven't been up for blogging. We found out I have placenta previa, which was a lot more serious than I thought.

I'm not aloud to be more than an hour away from the Melbourne hospital, no lifting, no exercise other than walking and complete pelvic floor rest.

So far iv'e bleed twice. I really trying to be positive, I know that in most cases it will move by 28 to 32 weeks. I'm just so scared i'll have a bad bleed before our baby is viable. I'm just trying not to think about it and staying away from the scary world of google.

In other news Harper and I have been spending most of our mornings outside, the weather is getting warmer and I can't wait for this summer.

I'm really looking forward to spending heaps of time at the beach now that Harper is older.

Harper has been wearing jocks outside without a nappy and doing wee's on trees.  

And playing in our veggie garden, two baths a day is pretty normal for us lately.

I promise Harper's hair doesn't normally look this bad! Its full of sunscreen.



  1. i'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. my mom & sis both had placenta previa. they took it easy and had full-term births. i hope that gives you at least some encouragement! your little guy is so cute! love it when they get filthy from an afternoon of fun. i'm becky. come visit me at: http://cinderelladuty.blogspot.com!