A few things I've learnt about a 2nd pregnancy.

No two pregnancies are the same and half of what is the same you will have forgotten.

Sometimes you question if you could ever love a child as much as the one you already have, its ok to have these feeling, speak to your partner. Chances are he is feeling the same way. As the pregnancy progresses so does your love for the new baby and soon you find yourself thinking less about it.

The minute you start feeling better you have already forgot how sick you were the first few months.

You don't have the time to day dream about this pregnancy the way you did with the first. Don't feel guilty because you no longer have the same amount of time. It doesn't make this baby any less exciting.

When you feel the second baby move its just as amazing as the first. It's still exciting reading weekly books of whats the baby is doing, most of it you will have forgotten.

Remind you partner you are pregnant on a weekly basis, don't forget he's a lot busier too. Sometimes you need to ask for a little extra t.l.c.

Try to take care of yourself, if you thought you were tired the first time around. You ain't seen nothing yet.

The second time around the weeks will fly, try to enjoy it. It will be over before you know.

After I gave birth to Harper, I wasn't sure I could ever have another baby the trauma of labor stuck with me.

I've surprised myself with how little I think of the approaching labor. Maybe that's the way I'm dealing with it, because thinking of it makes it real and I'm not ready to go there yet.

The second time around there are no surprises, you know what your in for and if you had a traumatic labour the first time (Birth story) this time you may be petrified. That's ok. talk to someone if you need to. I'll be going into this labor with a very open mind to drugs. I've had a natural labor, I have nothing left to prove, I'm still going to try not to have drugs but this time, I'm not going to rule them out.
I also have an amazingly supportive new doctor. And that changes everything.

We find out the sex tomorrow! I'm so excited i've been dreaming about it every night this week. I'll do a pregnancy vlog sometime tomorrow letting you know the sex.


  1. You look so beautiful!!! SO excited for you! And can't wait to hear the big news tomorrow!!

  2. Enjoy the scan tomorrow. I had two horrendous births as well and at the end of the day each one is just a day or two in your life. Things are so different here in NZ, you get a midwife for your entire pregnancy and they are always on call for everything and they are there through the whole birth at the hospital along with the hospital staff. All free and I am so thankful for her.

  3. I have all of these concerns about getting pregnant the 2nd time around! Especially the one about not having enough love for the second child. Thank you for this awesome post sweetie!
    ♥ Kyna

  4. you look gorgeous! my favorite thing about the second pregnancy was that i knew what to expect. so i wasn't paranoid or overly anxious. everything was pretty 'go with the flow.'