You've got mail

Lately... I should re-faze that. When I fell pregnant with Harper I found I became obsessed with children's fashion. Since then things have only got worse. I spend hours on baby sites looking at ridiculously overpriced children's clothes. Then talking Matt in to letting me buy them or at least trying to.  
 With a wedding this weekend I was on the hunt for super cuteness. A room full of family some of which have never meet Harper we needed wanted to impress. Harper draws attention wherever we go. With eyelashes that put any girl to shame, big blue eyes and dimples, he aways has. I didn't need the outfit but I wanted it. Badly.
 I left it to the last minute to order, then impatiently waited at the mail box each day praying i'd get it in time. Today it came, I was like a kid at Christmas. I ripped open the bag and sat waiting for Harper to wake up so he could try it on.

 Of corse I'll be attending the wedding barefoot and pregnant, I don't have any idea what I'm going to wear and less than two days to come up with something.
 Tell me you read toddler taming instead of the latest issue of Bazaar. That cute baby clothes excite you. Tell me sometimes you wear PJ's all day and don't shower till 12. Because if not, if this is just me...  I'm not even going to go there. 


  1. These are so cute - he's grown up so much...look at all that hair!

  2. This outfit is way to cute ;)

  3. he is so sweet! :) such a cute boy!

  4. Im just like you...I am constantly shopping on websites for clothes my son doesn't need. Oye..at least it helps to pass the time : ) You look wonderful in the video!! Cute outfit too!

  5. Harper has grown so much, he's precious!!!

  6. hi there! i just found your blog! another mommy to a son named harper, obsessed with finding ridiculously cute clothes and maaaybe being a little lax with myself in the mean time! can't wait to follow and get more updates! (your) harper is SO adorable!