Today I have a 20 month old.

20 months old! The idea you'll be 2 in four short months is crazy. The idea that very soon after that birthday you'll be a big brother is crazier!

At 20 months old...

You repeat every word I say, no matter how many syllables

You walk around saying Uh Oh Spaghetti-o 
You love nothing more than running around outside

Meat is you favourite food

You love your grandmas so much
Are still obsessed with Daddy's car

Chase Nutella the dog until she barks, then laugh like crazy

Point at things and say want, if you want me to give it to you

Can count to ten sometimes you miss a number but sometimes you get it right

Are always singing songs

Love to lift up my top and look at the baby

Wee on the potty on demand everyday but don't tell me if you need to go

Love wearing shoes, hate having cold feet, when you don't have socks on you run around the house saying, cold feet, cold feet.

Are still small and wear size 1

Love your dad like crazy and love to wrestle

Have started to ask for thing like a bottle

Will say yes or no if I ask you something and really mean it

Fake cry if you want something.... A lot.
Bear, I love you like crazy the way I feel about you still blows me away.


  1. I can't get over how big he has gotten! And his face is sooo precious!!

  2. Beautiful photos and a lovely post. It just goes so fast doesn't it? The worst part is that it goes even quicker with the second one as you are so much busier. Hope the pregnancy is treating you well. Kat :-)

  3. Gorgeous .. Happy 20 months !

  4. He is gorgeous!!! Happy 20 months big boy!

  5. Amazing pictures, as always!
    ♥ Kyna

  6. He's so cute, i love those eyes!! Happy 20 Months bigboy!