Quick update...

I wish I had good news to share but I just don't. 

This pregnancy is kicking my butt! It was nothing like this first time around and to be honest I'm not coping. Feeling sick around the clock is pushing me to the edge. 

I feel like I cant cope with it anymore. I'm seeing my OB again on Thursday she wants to check the babys growth weekly until I'm feeling better, hopefully she will be able to give me another medicine to try, the one I'm on now just makes me need to sleep and I still feel sick. 

A couple of days ago I had to put Harper in the cot so he was safe while I had a power nap. Felt pretty guilty about that one.  

Anyone with advice on feeling better? Please share.

Sunday we took Harper to go on a miniature steam train, he was so quite I think he was overwhelmed? But seemed to enjoy it. They run the trains every third sunday of the month so we will probably take him from now on. I found some great threads on the net about things to do with a toddler around Melbourne, were trying to make Sundays a family day and do something fun for Harper. 


  1. it's so much harder being pregnant the second time around! when you don't have children, you can rest whenever you want. but it really does take a toll on you when you've got to be a mommy before you can take care of yourself.

    i hope the second trimester gives you some energy back!

  2. try taking some crackers to your bedside! And before you get up every morning, take a couple nibbles of them! It helped me a lot! :D

  3. ask shawntae from alittlekingandi! she was SUPER sick for the longest time

  4. CONGRATS!!! Can't wait to see belly pics and to see how Harper reacts to everything : )

  5. I was like that with my 3rd pregnancy. I was so sick I couldn't even sit up on the couch. I ended up in the hospital for 3 days, and after I got out I had to be put on nausea medication the rest of my pregnancy. I cannot recall the name of the medicine. It helped some but I still had nausea. Talk to your doctor and hopefully he will be able to help you to feel better. I will say a prayer for you.

  6. I had what's called hyperemesis (basically, sickness through the whole prgnancy). I actually lost weight for the first 7 months. It wasn't until the week I delivered that I actually made it back to my original weight. I was actually on the side of the expressway throwing up on my way to the hospital for my scheduled c-section, and also as they wheeled me into the OR. I was admitted to the hospital on mutiple occasions for dehydration, and also had to have home health nurses come and administer IV fluids a few times.

    I was on phenergan for a little bit, and sometimes it worked. The problem was, it would literally knock me out. That's obviously not an option when you have another child running around the house, which ws also the case with me. They eventually put me on zofran which is a nausea medication they give chemo patients. My doctor actually had to argue with my insurance company because they were refusing to give me as many as I needed for the constant battle with the vommiting. I don't know if I built a tolerance to it or what because it quickly became less effective than it should have been. Finally, when I had about 3-4 weeks left they came up with some anti-nausea cocktail where I would take half a pill of unisom (which is actually a sleep aid), half a pill of reglan (which I believe may now have been pulled from the market or something, and a b 12 vitamin all at the same time, twice a day. That concoction got me through the last couple weeks and allowed me to put a couple pounds back on, like I said, to break even. I've heard some take just the uniso and b 2 and it helps, so if you haven't tried that, you might ask your doctor about it.

    Sorry, don't mean to scare you with all this. Hopefully this is going to fade as you get closer to your 2nd trimester, but at least you'll be prepared for the worst :-/ And anyway, there's good news. I had a beautiful, healthy baby boy at a whopping 9 pounds 4 ounces!! I worried and worried that he wasn't getting enough since I couldn't keep a thing down, but he got all he needed, for sure!

    The crackers thing works for some people. For me? The thought of saltines still makes me nauseous today. I lived on potatoes my entire pregnancy- baked pot., mashed pot., french fries, pot. wedges. Applebee's loaded mashed pot. were heaven, and weren't too terrible the second time, if you know what I mean, compared to other things anyway...

    Wow, sorry, didn't mean to be so long winded! And hope I didn't scare you. I promise I was trying to help, lol. Let me know if you have any questions though :-) and good luck!!