Are you tired?

I'm tired, and when I say tired I mean I can barely hold my eyes open to write this post.

Harper's sleeping now, something that doesn't happen much lately, how does a 17 month old go from day sleeps of three hours to nothing overnight?

I hate that since having Harper I've lost all motivation, before Harps I was an organised person, most of the time the house was clean. Now I can''t bring myself to fold the ever growing mountain of washing sitting on the couch. I feel overwhelmed by everything I need to do! There is so much to have done before the days finished.

When do you feel the way you did pre baby? Ever? Maybe not.

Harper is so active and I'm not talking active as in a normal toddler boy active, I'm talking every baby gym or reading class we go to, mothers stare and ask how I keep up with him. Or today her.

The mothers watch as I chase him around the room, all of the other children happily sitting on there mothers laps or playing among themselves all the while Harper's on a seek and destroy mission, or trying to find the nearest exit and escape.

Not saying I don't love this little boys spirit, because I do. But boy is he a handful.

That is all.


  1. My three year old is just like this, everyone we come across can't comprehend his energy, can't wait to see what he'll do with all that energy when he's older and it's channeled into something useful!:) Been there mama!

  2. It's a boy thing! Mine is like that too. Don't be so hard on yourself. You're a Mom and a Mothers work is never done. Take a bath. That is always my answer.